Athlete Development

Athlete Development

BMX QLD Inc. is at the forefront of Athlete Development nationally. Our programs underpin the National programs, are linked to the Queensland Academy of Sport (State Sporting Institute) and have been adapted by the other state bodies.

Currently BMX QLD Inc. offers development pathways for athletes aged 13 - 16yrs and assists with the QAS BMX Programs for Junior Elites (17 - 18yrs) identified for the 2012 Olympic Games and Senior Elites (19yrs +) identified for the 2008 Olympics. The Board of Directors are working closely with BMX Australia to introduce a younger junior development program for 8 - 12yrs. 

There are many avenues now available to athletes in BMX with our inclusion as a Medal Sport in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. Previously athletes would be forced to look to other cycling codes in pursuit of Olympic glory. Most of the big names on the cycling circuit began their careers as BMXer's. (Ryan Bayley, Anna & Kerrie Meares, etc, etc)

BMX debuts at the 2008 Olympic Games (Beijing) with the time trials 20th Aug, followed the next day by the long awaited Olympic event on the 21st Aug. The format for the event is still being finalised but it is expected to closely follow the Supercross events where athletes complete one lap time trail and the worlds fastest 64 get to come back for the elimination heats the following morning.

Like all the Olympic sports, each Nation must earn the right to send a team and team sizes are determined by the nations rankings.  Points are accrued by the nation's athletes during competition at key events. If we maintain our current ranking we should be able to send 3 Elite Men and 2 Elite Women (19yrs +) to Beijing as our National BMX Olympic Team.

Just who they will be is anyone's guess at this point in time. Australia has a wealth of talent, most of whom are from QLD!    

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